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We provide high quality real estate valuations in S.E Michigan

For years, mortgage lenders,realtors and consumers, as well as other real estate professionals have called upon our expertise to provide high-quality appraisals on residential real estate in S.E Michigan. By continuously analyzing local real estate trends in S.E Michigan and staying current on the most recent data in the field of residential property valuation. Our office consists of a small group of affiliated State Certified Appraisers,each bringing their own knowledge and experience each specializing in specific products and locations.Networking with each other utilizing years of experience, soliciting the assistance of the best local Realtors ,Assessors, Title Companies and Surveyors in order to gain the most information for the best possible valuation, is what makes us the best choice for your residential property valuation needs.


THE APPRAISAL DEPOT is located in S.E MI.We ready to perform appraisals for any of the following:
Expert witness testimony when a reliable local authority on Michigan home values is required
Divorce settlements when the value of common real estate is needed
Portfolio valuations
Picking a listing price that reduces time on market while maximizing profit
Appraisal review: Getting a second opinion 
Unfreezing a locked HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)
Loan originators needing an experienced appraisers
Determining market value on real estate that's part of a bankruptcy
Relocation coordinators that need a local market experts
Challenging a home's assessed value